Here’s what we know

After the Thermostat STOPS calling for heating and cooling…

  • The Gas and/or Electricity is turned off to the main components.
  •  With the exception of what little power is used to run the blower motor, the remaining heating and cooling is FREE.
  •  The Heat Exchanger is still super-hot even after the standard delay.
  •  The Evaporator Coil is still cold enough to use up to several minutes.
  •  Currently the homeowner has paid for this energy, but they are not using it!

Most systems are only set up with the focus on the SEER, HSPF and AFUE performance ratings.  These performance ratings are used to rate the systems energy usage, while a thermostat is asked to raise or lower the temperature in a home or building.

SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio:  SEER is the rating used to measure the efficiency of an air conditioner.

HSPF – Heating Season Performance Factor:  HSPF is the rating used to measure the efficiency of a Heat Pump in the heating mode.

AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency:  AFUE is the rating used to measure the efficiency of a gas furnace.

These ratings do not apply to wasted energy that is not utilized after the thermostat satisfies the heating and cooling requirements.


FREE – Found, Remaining, Energy, Efficiency:  Is a rating used after the thermostat stops the call for heating and cooling.

In a gas furnace there is a large amount of heat that is remaining on a heat exchanger after the completion of a heating cycle. Most systems have a standard 90 second time delay.  After this delay, the heat exchanger will still have a temperature of 250-300 degrees.

A system that is set up to maximize the FREE Rating will allow the blower motor to run variably up to 4 minutes to get all of the remaining heating energy in to the home or building where it belongs.

By maximizing the FREE Rating, the average annual usage of a gas furnace will be reduced by 17%.

In an air conditioner, there is a large amount of cooling that is remaining on an evaporator coil after the completion of a cooling cycle. By maximizing the FREE Rating, the average annual usage of an air conditioner will be reduced by 15%

By also having a system set up to maximize this FREE remaining energy, the lifetime energy savings will reach $2,000.00 or more. Then by reducing the total hours a system will need to run per year, you will increase the total life of a heating and cooling system from 2 to 3 years.

The InteliFan microprocessor is designed to be installed on any new or existing ducted heating and cooling system.  It is the only patented solution available to get the highest FREE Rating.


Study by Southern California Edison Design and Engineering Services showing InteliFan Optimum Fan Delay Period

Money SAVED vs Money LOST